How To Create Your Own Dream Characters

The most typical issue is having characters who look nothing like they need to. Or they seem disinterested in your organization. Or they fail to appear on command altogether.

So, the best way to battle this?

It is an issue of finding creative solutions that bypass rational anticipations.

With this particular philosophy, you can conjure dream characters from out of sight, from inanimate things, and by morphing the appearance of existing people.

Interestingly, the lucid dreamer refers to dream characters as dream figures. He proposes that by calling them “characters” we restrict them to having fictitious and even unimportant functions in our lucid dreams.

Waggoner anxieties that dream figures aren’t merely made up drones which exist just for our amusement. They can may additionally symbolize components of your head, and at times they even appear to get more consciousness than you, the dreamer, while they are sometimes representational.

As learning opportunities, who can add an entirely new dimension to lucid dream investigation, with Waggoner’s thoughts in your mind, we can think of dream figures. Instead of regularly creating dream characters it is also worth stepping back and enabling them to describe themselves as they want.

So here are some tested ways to summon various types of dream characters (sorry, Robert, I agree with your point but the remaining part of the entire world is still Googling “dream characters”). This can also be helpful in the event you are calling on a deceased person, which means you can have a significant exchange with the “real them”, as well as seeking solutions from specific target individuals, like someone whose trustworthy opinion you seek.

Note: the purpose of seeking particular people for knowledge or reunion is not because you are really speaking in a dream to them, whether they’re alive or dead in the real world. It just creates the experience so that your dreaming head can bring this figure to life in the most reliable manner possible.

Means to Make Dream Characters

First of all, be sure to become lucid in your dream.

Then make certain you increase your level of consciousness for best results. Do a reality check that is tactile, remind yourself out loud that you are dreaming, and making some visual observations about your environment.

Now you’re prepared to go.

Strategy #1. Look Around The Corner

This is really a fantastic play on the anticipation rule that does not require any visualization. Just expect the dream character you would like to see standing only out of sight, around a corner.

Do this for a couple of seconds. Say something like “Hey! (Unless you’re summoning Gerard Butler, and you also get all too excited concerning the prospect, then you’ll just wake yourself up. Tone it down, woman.)

You’ll actually sense their presence, when your expectation is completely ingrained. It can even be a bit spooky, understanding they are loitering back there but you are not able to see them yet. Lucid dreams are spooky, at times.

Finally, you wait for them to appear, can call their name, or go look across the corner for yourself.

I chose to use graphics of cats, so I wouldn’t alienate any readers by presenting dream characters that were improper to illustrate. Also, I couldn’t locate enough images of Gerard Butler in the mandatory poses.

Procedure #2.

Another technique was taken up by me from Robert Waggoner here, based on conveying with what he called the consciousness behind the dream.

You’re in for a treat should you have never encountered it before.

In a lucid dream, though, it’s all great. What’s more, it actually comes true. The dream reacts to your words, so suggestive is the nature of a lucid dream, that you’ll have immediate omnipotence.

“Point me to a dream guide” is a cool approach to introduce an apparently conscious dream character who’s willing to work with you. “Show me myself in 20 years” is kind of creepy, while “show me my ultimate dream” is just completely confusing (Freud would take pride in what occurs here).

By The Way, “show me the cutest kitten ever created” is also a perfectly valid request.

Approach #3.

This is a fun turn on the initial process, and arguably just as spooky.

Open a door and reach inside, expecting to grab the hand of your desirable dream character and pull them outside. Remember to truly have the strong expectation of who’s actually waiting inside your cabinet.

By inadvertently imagining a dozen weird hands trying to catch mine in the darkness initially I attempted this approach, I freaked myself out. It went dread on me. Don’t do that.

Your anticipations rule reach in and grab Mary’s hand without an uncertainty that is second.

Reach in to the silver goo (it is quite cool, no?) and expect to find the person you seek.

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