Lucid Dreaming Techniques

I was thinking to myself about when my brother and I were once watching a professional tennis match on TV, “I’ll bet I could be a professional tennis player”. So we bought some balls and went and borrowed some rackets and headed to the tennis court. What then ensued was afterwards described by a passerby as “the worst show of athletic art I’ve ever seen” or as another member of my family described it, “a loser’s duel”. Tennis is challenging, it turns out. It looked so easy on TV. How could we be so lousy at it?

For a lot of people, lucid dreaming has been kind of like that. It turns out, learning lucid dreaming can be pretty darned hard.

Here’s how:

Lucid Dreaming Technique #1 – WBTB (Awaken Back To Bed)

This is one of my favorite methods for attaining lucidity. You would like to consider the thing that you want to dream about as you drift off to sleep as you are putting in bed. This technique takes advantage of your sleep cycle in having a lucid dream, to assist and can be very successful. By taking the appropriate lucid dream supplements, the advantages of WBTB can be drastically enriched.

Lucid Dreaming Technique #2 – MILD (Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams)

This involves visualizing yourself back in exactly the same dream waking up from a dream, seeing yourself become lucid, and selecting how you’d like to carry on the dream. Dr Stephen LaBerge, the well-known lucid dream researcher, claims that he was able to possess lucid dreams on any night he wished. I, personally, have had a great deal of success with this specific technique combined with WBTB and some good nutritional supplements.

Lucid Dreaming Technique #3 – Sleep masks

Several businesses offer sleep masks that the user wears while sleeping that can flash lights in particular patterns and makes set seems so the wearer become lucid and can comprehend that they’re sleeping. These masks can be very successful and are worth giving a try.

Take a gander at both pictures below. What do you believe caused this type of drastic difference in the outcomes of these two professional body builders? Tougher work? Perhaps. Better work out gear? Maybe. Would it surprise you to discover that using natural supplements (not steroids) has revolutionized the sport of bodybuilding now? Well guess what – natural nutritional supplements also have revolutionized lucid dreaming.
Now, scientists have figured out enough about the brain chemistry involved in dreaming that we are able to drastically improve the dream experience in ways that is safe and even beneficial to our brains. Dream Leaf is a supplement that has put all of the research into an individual bottle making it more simple than ever to have amazingly vivid and lucid dreams that are simple to remember. I’m not talking about psychedelics, which are clearly harmful to brain and your body. Dream Leaf uses herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that can be found at any health food store.

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